Diagnostic outcomes for genetic testing of 70 genes in 8565 patients with epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders.


We evaluated >8500 consecutive, unselected patients with epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders who underwent multigene panel testing to determine the average age at molecular diagnosis and diagnostic yield of 70 genes.


We reviewed molecular test results for 70 genes known to cause epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders using next generation sequencing (NGS) and exon‐level array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH). A positive result was defined as the presence of 1 or 2 pathogenic or likely pathogenic (P/LP) variants in a single gene, depending on the mode of inheritance of the associated disorder.


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Epilepsia 59.5 (2018): 1062-1071.
Lindy, Amanda S., et al.