Research & Development

Our Approach

RogCon has adopted a business strategy aimed at leveraging key partnerships with best-in-class companies, institutions and individuals in each respective domain critical to discovering, developing and successfully commercializing a novel SCN2A treatment.

For basic science, RogCon has engaged as its lead partner The Florey Institute, one of the world’s top neuroscience research centers, in addition to collaborations with leading centers in the United States, Canada and overseas. For technology, RogCon has partnered with Ionis Pharmaceuticals, the world’s leader in antisense therapeutics. For commercial and clinical matters, RogCon has aligned with Praxis Precision Medicines, a leading U.S. biotechnology company, to advance its lead program to patients alongside the top pediatric hospitals and neurologists in the United States, Europe and Australia.

In sum, RogCon has brought together and enabled the most comprehensive group of leading world experts in genetic epilepsy research and drug development, with a focus on SCN2A.




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